FC Teplice

FC Teplice, a.s. is a Czech professional football club based in Teplice in the Ústí nad Labem region. Since the 1996/97 season it has been active in the Czech top football competition. The club plays at the Na Stínadle stadium, which is also used from time to time by the Czech national team.

Spa Teplice

To trust the Teplice springs is to immerse yourself in water that has spent 18,000 years in the volcanic bedrock. This is the experience of a stay at the Teplice Spa in Bohemia. When the effects of thermal hydrotherapy and expert care are combined, even chronic ailments disappear, and people take away a new physical condition from Teplice. People come to Teplice for new physical fitness.

Jazz Club Teplice

The Jazz Club Teplice is located in the newly reconstructed Teplice Castle, whose construction dates back to the second half of the 12th century, when Queen Judith founded a Benedictine monastery with a church dedicated to John the Baptist "near the warm waters". The town of Teplice developed around the monastery at the end of the 13th century.

Golf Club Barbora

Less than 5 km west of Teplice, in the direction of Duchcov, at the foot of the Ore Mountains is the Golf Resort Barbora, the home course of BARBORA GC golfers. The whole area is situated in a landscape of meadows and groves, in a large regional biocentre between water reservoirs, streams and ponds, the most famous of which is Barbora (65 ha) and the trout stream Bouřlivec.

Botanical Garden Teplice

The Botanical Garden Teplice offers a wonderful view into the environment of tropical and subtropical plants. The exceptional collection takes advantage of the perfectly manicured surroundings and offers you interesting inspiration. Those interested in nature, as well as families with children, will find education in an understandable and entertaining form.

Aquacentrum Teplice

When planning a weekend away or a short holiday, it's useful to have options for different weather and moods prepared in advance. Teplice offers perfect facilities for lovers of long walks in nature, well-marked cycle paths, but also gives space for culture. In Teplice you can choose from a wide range of theatre and music performances or go to the cinema. The town also has a well-equipped Aquacentrum, which offers both swimming pools for fitness swimming and an attractive water world for children.


If you get tired of walking around the centre, sampling local specialities and taking spa treatments, there's nothing easier than heading out of town. In the rugged landscape of the Erzgebirge Mountains, the peak of Bouřňák will attract your attention. It deservedly earned its name centuries ago.